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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

3 DUIs, 4 wives and 8 kids

Now that I'm on my new job as "Billy Big Rig," it's funny just how small this world is. The account I'm driving on is a good 50 miles from my house. You would think I wouldn't have anything in common with anyone there, since I don't have any ties to the town where I'm working.

Turns out my immediate supervisor grew up in a family who all worked for the same company where I had my 15 years of factory experience. The company I worked for has 4 factories in my state, and his family worked at one of those locations, just not the one where I worked.

When you work for this company (with the 4 factories in Ohio) the people who work there, tend to get a skewed view of the world, because this is a very good-paying company with great benefits, and in the past when they've gone on hiring binges, they've generally stuck with hiring almost exclusively, family members of current employees &/or veterans.

When you've got all your aunts/uncles/cousins/moms and dads all working for the same company making great money with great benefits, they tend to think of this company as the sun, with the universe revolving around that.

When my supervisor at the trucking company mentioned that almost his whole entire family worked for this company, my first reaction was to ask him, "Why aren't you there?" He said, (and this is sooooo true) he says, "Everyone I know who works there has had 3 DUIs, 4 wives and 8 kids. If I was going to live that lifestyle, I wanted to join the military where I could at least see the world before I got saddled with all that, instead of being tied down to the same town my whole life."

I told him, "I can tell just by what you said that you know what working for that company is all about!!"

Different location, same shit. Man, am I glad I'm outta there.


  • At 10:21 AM, January 03, 2007, Blogger explicist said…

    hey Big Guy, you're back!! =)

  • At 12:21 AM, January 23, 2007, Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said…

    01 22 07

    Hey Boris:
    Glad you are back and at it again! heheheheeh My husband will love this post, as I do!!!!!!!! Thank goodness you got out of that environment. I sure enough know it must have been a TOXIC work environment. I worked at a call center a coupla years back and it was the same ole type of garbage. At that job there were obese people, tweakers who were anorexic looking, and students. It was difficult because the obese people would have pot lucks and eat at the desk, while the tweakers would talk nonstop when they weren't on calls and always be tapping their feet. Loudly!

    Now, I was obese and a student. But thank God not a tweaker. Geesh! I sure was happy when I quit that job. Yesiree! I popped some pills and then confronted my boss, popped some pills in front of her, then said: "You know what? I don't belong here. I hate this job and I don't need to work here. Goodbye" (pills popping and soda slurping) heheheheh

    Glad to know the Big Rigging is working out:)


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