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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Radio 101

Spoke to the head of marketing for the company who owns our small town paper. They also own a radio station. He told me that he talked to the "radio people," but hasn't had a response from them. I wonder if they're not dragging their heels. They're doing me a huge favor by sponsoring a debate - if they do it. Their rival doesn't have a news operation, therefore, they're not likely to sponsor a debate.

I wonder if the marketing guy isn't dragging his heels to see how much money I'll spend on advertising with his radio station or newspaper. I won't spend a dime on his company unless they sponsor a debate. Trouble is, their rival has offered me a really, really sweet package that makes it look like I own their air waves between now and the election. Decisions, decisions. I'll see where the hometown newspaper/radio station is, on Friday.