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Tales from a small town

Short stories about life in a small town. Non-fiction. Great reading.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy blog!

So it's about 60 degrees (F) and the sun's shining. My youngest daughter begged and begged me to take her to her friend's house. After I saw that nothing was on tv, I decided to grab the dog's leash, and kill 3 birds with 1 stone, and get me, my daughter and my dog out of the house.

We walked to my daughter's school which is about 5 blocks from where we live. On the way, we stopped at her friend's house. She was there. She could come out. We all walked to the school.

I didn't let my dog off the leash right away because there were some punks hanging around, and I wasn't sure if they had their shots - or if they were even neutered, so I kept the dog on the leash. Once the punks rode away on their bikes, the dog got to run with all my daughter's friends, and the dog and my daughter and everyone else looked happy.

The street the school is on, runs east and west. We walked west, toward our house. The sun was setting. I never noticed this before, but the sidewalks on that street are perfectly straight and unbroken. The pavement is remarkably void of pot-holes, so the sun beams back into your eyes, a golden hue while reflecting off the street during this time of day at sun set.

I was wearing my Carhart, but it was unzipped and I could feel the warm breeze. My youngest daughter and her friend were holding hands while skipping down the sidewalk. The dog was happy.

Hey, this sure beats tv!