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Friday, March 17, 2006

New People

Yeah, I've added new people. Under the newly added American Heroes section, I've added a blogger named Swallowed Alive. He's a Navy guy attatched to an army unit, doing a stint in Iraq for Uncle Sam. Great blog. Seriously. If you get the time, check out a post he wrote called, The Mexican's Weapon It's sure to make you think. I only link well-written blogs, and this guy draws you in.

Another new person on the links is Georgia Peach. She's a hottie, and she's every guy's dream. Not because she goes too far on HNT (but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if she did) but because of how cool she is in her relationship with her boyfriend. Damn, I wish my wife was that cool! She brings a vibrance to the blogosphere, that's tough to match.

And last but not least, Birdy. Tough, gritty, New York. This guy is to New York, what Emienem is to Detroit. Just like the movie 8 Mile, Birdy works in a factory for a long time, then achieves success as an entertainment executive.

But speaking of people in the entertainment industry, I've got Intellectual Insurgent linked to my blog. Talk about tough, hard-hitting blogs! Her and Mahndisa both, have blogs that really make you think. Mahndisa makes you think from the right, Intellectual Insurgent makes you think from the left. Both mix it up on each other's blogs too. Great, great reads.

Some of the people I've had on there a while:

VX: in a class all by herself. Doesn't try to be hot - that's what sets her aside from all the posers out there who think they're God's gift to humanity. VX is in grrrrrrrreat shape, but readily admits to driving a Japanese beer can, and filling it up with smelly jogging shoes, because she jogs in any and all weather. To me, that's hot. Not because I like smelly sneakers (I don't) but because she admits to being a human being, rather than some untouchable waif. I hate those people.

Leesa: makes you think, but not from a moral standpoint like Intellectual Insurgent and Mahndisa; Leesa makes you think about life itself, and has a powerful ability to do that.

Then there's my original link; last, but not least, is Maya. Maya is a great writer who's in a blue funk right now, questioning everything about her life. She's the most engaging and marvelous writer I've read, and I wish she'd go back to the days of yore, where she'd write these epic-lengthed posts, that made you forget just how much time you were spending, reading what she wrote. Come back, Maya!

Hope this covers everyone. Now, I'm off to watch my favorite Friday night show: Numb3rs. Good night!