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Short stories about life in a small town. Non-fiction. Great reading.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, even if you're Canadian!

I love that Site Meter thing. I'm finding out that eggheads and nerds spend the most time on my blog. I've got someone from Yale who spends alot of time on my blog, someone from Vanderbuilt has spent alot of time on my blog, and people from Canada. Not that Canadians are nerds, but we do occassionally get CBC-Windsor, and their tv is a little more intellectually fulfilling than most American tv - although John Stewart is still alot better than This Hour Has 22 Minutes; maybe you have to be Canadian to appreciate that show!

Anyhow, there's alot of people I've met as a result of me randomly finding this blog. I was on Maya's blog, and I clicked on "Next Blog," and it directed me to this woman's blog from my home state, who just so happens to have my last name! (We're not related, but it is a coincidence.) I love her blog. Here's the link in case you're interested. Her blog name is Video X: It's not what you think. There's some titilating stuff on there, but it's not pornographic.

There's a link on her blog called Leesa's blog, or something like that. Definately recommended reading. She pours out her soul on her blog, and it's the closest thing to crawling inside someone's head I think I'll ever get.

Tommorow, my wife wants to make a "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner. I told her I'd just like to have a Wal-Mart Thanksgiving. She said, "What's a Wal-Mart Thanksgiving?" I said, "That's where you order Chinese!" She didn't get it. I'm not all that excited about her making this big dinner, because she gets stressed out so easily, and her expectations might exceed her ability to cope with the stress.

She's taking me Buffalo Wild Wings where I'll swill down some Guiness and tell her everything will be OK. (I'll just evacuate me, the kids and the dog tommorow morning, and everything will be OK!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!