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Friday, November 25, 2005

the editorial part II

Just got an e-mail from the editorial editor of my town's paper. On Wednesday, I had my wife leave a message on her voice mail. My wife simply asked her if she recieved my editorial. I received an e-mail today, and the editorial editor told me that from here on out, I should always call to confirm that she recieved my e-mails, because mine "got lost," but she found it on the server's trash folder. Her boss has access to her account, so I'd be willing to bet that he deleted my e-mail/editorial while she was on vacation, or there just might have been some technical glitch. Either way, it wouldn't surprise me; there's alot of money at stake here.

I know her boss posts as "Anonymous" on our newspaper's web-board, and he attacks my posts vehemently. He's more right wing than Rush Limbaugh, and even though I have many conservative elements to my philosophy, I'm still too liberal for his tastes.

You may be asking yourself, "How do you know he posts as Anonymous?" It's because he's very active in his high school alumni association, and he uses that web-board to keep in touch with his classmates, as I think he's the guy in charge of his class' high school reunions. Anyway, there's a woman on that web-board who graduated with him, whose political leanings are very similar to mine. She's always responding to "Anonymous' " posts by saying, "Now Tom (not his real name) you know that we all know who you are, since you're the only one who would know anything about an egg-head subject like this, much less have this much of a passionate opinion about it, what with your job as the main editor of the paper and all...."

"Anonymous" never denies it. Not only that, but there's a feature on this web-board that allows you to see who's on it now, and who's been on it today: from what time, to what time. He goes in as himself, then exits, and next thing you know, "Anonymous" is posting repsonses to my opinions on local issues with a vehement passion. I know it's still circumstantial evidence, but very damming circumstantial evidence at that.

It's my sincere hope that there's an "Editorial part III" post on this blog. I can't wait to see the fall out. I'll keep everyone posted. And yes, every once in a while, I'll post something titilating or just more interesting, to prove that I'm not just a one-trick-pony, and to keep some of my readers interested.